Would the wood be natural enough? 2020 trends.

We have scrolled down the 2019 eyewear trends, and what we actually found from multiple textures, tones and shapes is that despite few really loud statements the trend is now going neutral.

Colours and shapes of the frames went really natural – the way it blends with a human face, enhancing the most beautiful features of his or her face instead of obstructing it. Here we will shortly – in a wink of an eye – review eyewear trends for this year.


Yep, transparent frames is now a thing. Clear plastic frames became a continuation of fashion design, where transparency was used in clothing and accessories for quite a while. It all started with transparent bags, trench coats and even transparent shoes.

While aiming to become your key accessory by remaining almost invisible, these ambiguous frames actually do their job by placing a magic layer on your face and highlighting the most unique features. Transparent frames perfectly accompany light shades, pastel or white outfit.


If you are not ready for transparent, here goes the nude palette of eyewear frames. Just kidding.

The next big thing is frames containing the colours of soft edibles, such as honey, marmalade, caramel or café latte.

By soft we mean the calm and delicate tones, which provide a beautiful contrast with darker skin. The next good thing about nude frames is that they match almost any outfit and are totally unpretentious, but definitely keeping their character all over the image.


This is how we call the very thin, metal frames, which are currently at the peak of fashion. The lightness of these frames are so natural, sometimes you hardly even notice them on someone’s face, this is how perfectly they might blend in with our look. Worn by thinkers and creators, metal frames sing along their deep, yet, straight to the point personality.

As people say, round metal frames provide with a look of attentiveness and are way much different from aviator shape frames dedicated specially for a bad-ass character. Coming in gold or pure metal colour, metal eyewear frames is a very subtle tool to accessorize a simple or quirky outfit.


Out of all natural elements – transparency, nude colours and thin frames – wood is yet to be the most organic texture to human skin.

Not everyone likes wood for its brave construction, yet, everyone agrees it feels super light and comfortable. It does not slip, sweat, squeeze or clutters the face, it just feels right being there, on your nose.

With the help of current technologies, different types of wood such as Canadian maple, Bubinga, Ebony, Oak or Walnut can be transformed into slim-profile frames of different shapes. This is how Holy Wood came up with oval, cat-eye and aviator eyewear. We have to admit – wooden frames is definitely not for everyone since it is a brave statement. What we have noticed, this single accessory can become your whole style and attitude of natural and handcrafted.