Wooden sunglasses Wooden sunglasses

In Holy Wood we work with six types of wood. Different colours, textures and flexibility allow to receive a variety of shape and size. Let‘s talk about each of them.


Bubinga kind of trees are found in Equatorial Africa and are often referred to Rosewood, yet, contrary to narrow and short Rosewood, Bubinga trees are wide and long.

The reddish tones of Bubinga wood own heavy and aristocratic look. Apparent darker annual ring lines which come with the wood fill the exterior of the frames with charm. Even though it is a quite stubborn class of wood, it gives stunning results after tamed.


It‘s highly dense hardwood, so dense it can sink in the water. Ebony type of trees are spread in tropics and medium climate areas. Therefore, Ebony trees are usually evergreen or the ones which drop their leaves when the season is over. Since Ebony surface is very smooth when polished, frames made of this wood give a pleasant touch.


Also known as Zebrawood, Zebrano is a certain type of wood which is strong and stiff, coming in ornaments similar to zebra‘s stripes. Zebrawood can be commonly found in Western Africa.

Very light or cream colour Zebrano wood texture complemented with blackish streaks looks particularly playful and is a significant contrast to darkish Ebony and Bubinga wood frames.

Wooden sunglasses


It‘s one of the most popular woods, widely used in crafts and manufacturing for its durability and strength.

Currently, on our planet there are more than 900 species of Oaks, so its appearance depends on what type of Oak is used in frames production. Even though the tone of colour ranges from beige to brown and even red, Oakwood can always be recognized for its exclusive grain pattern.


Walnut has a pleasant brown, light brown or chocolate brown look and is spread among Eastern side of North America. For its perfect cutting and shaping characteristics, we use it for Holy Wood eyewear construction.

Canadian Maple

Maple wood is widely used in wood crafts for its aesthetic features. Maple texture varies in grain pattern, which is classified as quilt maple, birdseye maple, flame or burl maple. Maple wood for Holy Wood eyewear comes from Northern America and is used as raw material for our most beloved frames.

Reddish, dark or light? Bulky, cat eye or oval shape? Bubinga, Oak or Ebony? Choose your favourite wood in our frames.

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